The Forerunner

(KJV) 1 Timothy 3:16 And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory.

A point, a plane and a cube. The transition from one to the next is relatively easy to comprehend. A point, mathematically, has no volume…no displacement. It is a single dimension. In a one dimensional world, a flat plane would be theorized to exist. It would be difficult to entertain mentally because one would be asked to believe that a plane contains an infinite number of points, each possibly a one dimensional world of it’s own. A plane is, nevertheless, a reality. And a plane is in fact another dimension. A plane is a two dimensional place and can be viewed as a world of it’s own. Curious that the plane, as a place of abiding, can be described accurately and truthfully to the one dimensional world as a world of many worlds…a house or habitation of many houses. A plane extends in every direction within it’s two dimensions infinitely. In a two dimensional world, since it extends in every known direction infinitely, it would be hard to comprehend three dimensions, as the concept of infinity seems to fit fine in the two dimensional world. One would be asked to believe that there is more than infinity…more than everything. In fact, one would be faced with the concept that in three dimensions, there are an infinite number of planes, an infinite number of worlds like your own, each extending infinitely in every direction. Infinity of infinitude. A heaven of heavens. Of course three dimensions are not a theory, but a very real thing so familiar to us, that we don’t give it a second thought. Now, here is a strange thought. If one were to willing to teach a three dimensional world to a two dimension dweller, the explanation would necessarily take the form of shadows, likenesses, parables, allegories & etcetera. Given time, and a broad spectrum of these tools, it would be possible to convey a reasonable mental facsimile to the 2D dweller, but the 2D dweller would still be in need of faith in what was being revealed. You see, it is always simple and easy to examine and comprehend the world you are confined to. It is simple and easy to comprehend the worlds contained in the worlds contained in the world you are confined to. But try to imagine a fourth dimensional world. It is not so easy, is it? Nevertheless it is real. Just as real as the 3D world so familiar to you. And it contains an infinity of 3D worlds.

Now, what do we say about travel from one place to the next? What if I were somehow elevated from a one dimensional existence to a 2D, and even a 3D. To be elevated from one to the next could not be accurately described as having “gone” anywhere. If I am suddenly changed from a 1D dweller to a 2D, I still dwell in the 1D world I came from. So I have not simply “gone” away. In fact, I now fill all 1D worlds. From the perspective of the 1D world, I have not merely gone somewhere, I have gone EVERYWHERE, without having left. The same example holds true from 2D to a 3D transformation. And yes, from a 3D to that which is beyond.

Paul wrote some very beautiful things to help us comprehend by faith, the reality of the resurrection. And Jesus is in fact, the resurrection. If you read
1st Corinthians, you may begin to comprehend that the resurrection is not a matter of traveling from one place to another, so much as filling places previously closed to you. In resurrection, the dweller does not merely go from one place in the cosmos to another. He/she goes where Christ is and has gone. Peter also described Jesus as an anchor to your soul, a forerunner, going before you, into that within the veil. The resurrection is not travel in the conventional sense. It is the removal of limitations and barriers. It is multidimensional, not linear, not merely moving from point A to point B.

Jesus has given you life. Not as flesh has given you, but the life he has of the Father. The life from flesh has an end. His life does not.

Jesus has also given to us of the Spirit. He, the Spirit, is the Teacher, and is the voice that speaks from heaven, the voice to which we do well to take heed. But what can the ideas and contemplation of dimensions show us about communication? Curiously, a voice that speaks to the two dimensional dweller from the three dimensional speaker does not seem to come from outside of the hearer. It would appear to come from within. And it would not take the form of an audible voice. In terms of “cause and effect”, there would be affect with no externally discernible cause. It is elijah’s ” Small, still voice. It is that which was foretold of Christ, that he would not ” lift up, nor cause his voice to be heard in the streets”. It is Peter’s Daystar “arising in your heart”. It is the unction you have received of the Holy One, by whom you “know all things and need not that any man should teach you”. It is the Wind (The Teacher) blowing where it listeth (purposes). Nicodemus heard the sound of it, but did not know whence it came, or where it went. The teacher, regardless of the one dimensional thinking of the religious authorities if this world, will teach what He will, to whom He will, whenever He will, leaving the Nicodemuses to scratch their heads and ask ,”How can these things be?”

Jesus , I think, knew of the tendency we can have to fear the unknown. Knowing that the Holy Ghost was to be our teacher, a teacher previously unknown to the vast majority. Knowing that we were to transition from being disciples of men to disciples of He who is invisible, immortal and the only wise. Knowing these things, Jesus comforted us concerning the simple way we receive Him as teacher in this capacity. He said to ask. And having asked, you need not fear. If our children ask for an egg, we will not give them a stone. If they ask for a fish we will not give a scorpion, nor a serpent.

….” how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask?”

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