Jesus performed a great many miracles. Among these was the multiplying of food. From a few loaves and fish, Jesus was able to feed thousands. The feeding of a multitude serves to satisfy bodily hunger for a short time, but as the water He gives is a spring welling up within such that you never thirst again , nor visit some “well” periodically to replenish, even so, the bread He gives is within you, a source of nourishment that is always there, never is exhausted, and is eternal. It too, ends dependency upon any system or mediator, and you need that no man teach you, as the Bread of Heaven Himself, according to the truth of the scriptures, teaches you of all things. Jesus, once asked by the disciples, if He wanted them to go buy bread for them all said, “I have food to eat that you know nothing about”. The miracle of the loaves and fish, if comprehended, was meant to convey the truth that the Word of God in a people, breaks the cycle of dependency upon any system or individual, save the very Word in you. More baskets of left-overs are gathered from the multitude, than the original distribution.

Once, after performing this miracle, the uncomprehending crowd decided Jesus was there to feed them, and to sit in the seat of religious and civil government, and bend everything to their convenience. Perceiving that the mob would take Him physically and force-ably, and “make” Him a king (which He already was, though this too they were ignorant of) Jesus withdrew into a “high mountain” alone. When reading the scriptures, which are poetic and subtle, you may find that a “mountain” often signifies the Father, and “mountains” often signify a people, very often the people identified as them in whom the Lord dwells by the Spirit. Interestingly, when “things” get a little dicey in the world, religious folk want to hatch up all sorts of things and “inject” Jesus into them, and at such times, the Lord is often no where to be found.

Perceiving the people would force Him into something He would have no part in, Jesus made Himself scarce. It was now dark, and Jesus had not yet returned, so they went down to the sea. ( the “sea” often symbolic in scripture of un-redeemed humanity).The disciples decided to get in a ship and head to Capernaum, which means “a place of comfort”…they sought solace in Jesus’ absence. They had rowed a good way out when the seas were greatly troubled by some great wind…not unlike the condition of the “seas” today. Jesus came walking to them upon the troubled sea, unconcerned by it’s state, unaffected by the mentality-Du-jour. As is written, when they received Him into the ship, IMMEDIATELY the ship was at it’s destination, immediately the troubled ship became “Capernaum”: “a place of comfort”. Ours is not a ship and a journey across the sea of humanity, determined by geography and circumstances. Ours is a ship defined by who is in it with us.

Daniel was of the tribe of Judah, of royal extraction. He experienced many regime changes. The kingdom of Judah, the kingdom of Babylon under Nebuchadnezzar, and his son Belshazzar, the kingdom of Darius the Mede, the kingdom of Cyrus the Persian, beside which I don’ t know of anymore. Daniel’s journey, like ours, was not defined by any of that. It was defined by the fact that the Spirit of God dwelt in him. He was always where he was supposed to be, regardless of what the “seas” or “winds” were doing.

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